Alix Te Kere

2023 Finalists

Alix Te Kere

Ngati Kuhungunu, Ngati Tu, Ngati Maru, Ngati Maniapoto

Alix Te Kere, 30, is the Health and Safety Advisor for Rockit Management Services. Alix has been in this role for a year and a half, having been at Rockit for 5 years now with previous roles as Senior Leading Hand, Health and Safety representative, and Welfare Officer in the Havelock sector.

Alix completed her last year of high school while she was pregnant with her first son. She was on the benefit, and with the responsibility to provide for him she knew she did not want to be on the benefit forever. She joined Crasborns when she turned 18, working night shifts while her son slept so she could spend the day time with him. Once the packing season ended, she started in the orchards. It was only meant to be temporary, but she fell in love with being outside and being in the orchards, and was grateful to have people there who taught her the basics of orcharding.

Alix worked in early childhood while she was hapu with her second son, then again with her third son, before joining Rockit in 2018.

She has finished her Level 4 in Fruit Production, and plans to continue on to Level 5 in Horticulture. She has also completed a hazard and risk identification course, and intends to expand her knowledge in health and safety.

Alix has learned a lot while working as a Health and Safety Advisor. “I have an amazing connection with all the staff in field, helped by my strong background as an orchard hand and just by being that person people can rely on – that’s what makes my job fun and exciting. Sometimes tiring, but it’s a good work life balance.”

Being in this role allows her to do the school run and to attend her kids sports, which used to be impossible when her and her partner would start early and finish late.

Rockit has 700 hectare of NZ orchards, of which 450 hectares are run by Rockit Management Services and the remaining for independent growers. Rockit is unique in many ways: besides growing snack sized premium apples and feeding the world, Rockit grows their staff, assisting them in taking the next step up the working ladder like Alix. Alix started the cadetship programme whilst working for Rockit in 2019 and has recently graduated.

In their free time with their boys, Alix and her partner enjoy diving and gathering kai for the whanau, being outside with nature and renovating their whare. Having time to enjoy being in the presence of her whanau is what she loves.