Harepaora Ngaheu - 2018 Winner

Jordan Biddle - 2017 Winner

Jack Raharuhi - 2016 Winner

Hannah Wallace - 2015 Winner

Wiremu Reid - 2014 Winner

Jordan Smith - 2013 Winner

Tangaroa Walker - 2012 Winner

2019 Ahuwhenua Young Māori Farmer Award

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This competition is for young Māori working in the agriculture sector and/or undertaking training was inaugurated in 2012. The competition has proved to be very popular and has attracted high quality entrants.

The 2019 Ahuwhenua Young Māori Farmer Award is for people working and studying in the on-farm sheep and beef sector offers young Māori a great learning experience and the opportunity to mix with the best in the industry. Employers are encouraged to support suitable employees by working with them to enter the Award.

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Entries close: 5pm, Friday 15th February 2019

Previous Winners


Jordan Biddle

“When I was at school I had little inkling that I’d make farming my career choice. But this occurred when I started working part time on farms when I was just fifteen, doing odd jobs such as fencing. The breakthrough came two years later when I was offered a permanent role at Waitaha Station in northern Hawke’s Bay. Two years later I moved to my present role atPihanui Station.”

Jordan Biddle, Sheep and Beef Winner 2017

Hannah Wallace

“Winning this competition has given me the confidence to want to achieve my dreams of owning or leasing my own farm. It gave me a real confidence boost and made me realise that, yes us females can be farmers, and yes we are good at what we do because we are right up the with the boys.”

Hannah Wallace, Sheep and Beef Winner 2015

Jordan Smith

“It was a really positive experience for me. I would recommend it to anybody because it will help them go further in the industry.”

Jordan Smith, Sheep and Beef Winner 2013