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Te Awahohonu Forest Trust wins 2013 Ahuwhenua Trophy Māori Excellence in Sheep and Beef Farming

Te Awahohonu Forest Trust

Eighty years after the first Ahuwhenua Trophy competition was held, Te Awahohonu Forest Trust – Tarawera Station has been named the winner of the 2013 Ahuwhenua Trophy, BNZ Māori Excellence in Farming Award.


Young Te Kuiti shepherd named as inaugural winner in Ahuwhenua Young Māori Sheep & Beef Farmer of the year competition

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith, a young shepherd working on the Kearins Bros Limited farm in Te Kuiti has been announced as the inaugural winner of the Ahuwhenua Young Maori Sheep & Beef Farmer of the Year award in the Hawke's Bay tonight.


2013 Competition Judges

The Ahuwhenua Trophy competition judging team is known throughout the agricultural sector for the high standards they demand of all entrants. They play a vital role in selecting finalists and providing entrants with detailed and high-quality feedback.


Te Hape B Trust Profile

Two years ago the Tiroa E and Te Hape B Trust decided that they needed to lift their public profile. The trustees made a commitment to enter the next Ahuwhenua competition as a way of measuring Te Hape B up against other sheep and beef farms.


Te Awahohonu Forest Trust Profile

Tarawera Station is a relatively minor portion of Te Awahohonu Forest Trust’s 21,000ha land-based asset, but remains its oldest business. In 1965, six years before the Trust was formed, the farm was developed under Part 24 of the Māori Affairs Act 1953.


Te Uranga B2 Incorporation Profile

Te Uranga B2 Incorporation's sheep and beef operation, Upoko B2, is situated 13 kms north east of Taumarunui. Upoko B2 is one of four integrated business units which includes two dairy farms (210ha and 132ha), a forestry right (556ha), and Nga Whenua Rahui Kawenata areas (117ha) and wood lots (50ha).


2013 Ahuwhenua Trophy Competiton Finalists Announced

The finalists in 2013 Ahuwhenua Trophy BNZ Māori Excellence in Farming Award, the premier award for Māori in agriculture which marks its 80th anniversary this year, have been announced.


BNZ supports farmers to make the most of future opportunities

Head of Agribusiness at BNZ, Richie Bowman (seen here with the Roku Mihinui, chair of Kapenga M) says that Māori and iwi-owned agribusinesses have grown to comprise somewhere in the vicinity of 10% of New Zealand's agribusiness sector and play a large part in the ongoing growth and development of the agricultural sector.


Ahuwhenua Trophy Competiton Judges Announced

The chair of Atihau-Whanganui Incorporation (AWI), Dana Blackburn, has, once again, been named chief judge of the Ahuwhenua Trophy – BNZ Māori Excellence in Farming competition for Māori sheep and beef farmers.


We're Off – Minister Sharples Launches 2013 Competition

Entry for the competition is now open following its launch by the Minister of Māori Affairs, Hon Dr Pita Sharples at the recent Federation of Māori Authorities conference..


2013 Ahuwhenua Trophy BNZ Māori Excellence in Farming Award Launched

Māori sheep and beef farmers who compete in the 2013 Ahuwhenua Trophy BNZ Māori Excellence in Farming award this year will be part of the competitions 80th anniversary commemorations...


Farewell and Thank You to Chief Dairy Judge Doug Leeder

"Initially entrants were reluctant to promote their business, but as their successes were profiled and highlighted the recognition that Māori should celebrate success grew." There is now a very competitive element amongst entrants, he says, yet they celebrate collectively.